Fashion & Style


By A. Giles
January 22, 2014

Early in life many young boys get their first impression about sex from magazines, television, and now the internet. Leaving them with unrealistic images about sex.  Later they try to intertwine the sex they’ve fantasized about with love, and the two just don’t mix. 

Take a look a what young girls are wearing today.  They are wearing less and less.  Showing more cleavage, shirts are getting shorter, pants are getting tighter.  Don't get me wrong we remember the mini shirts back in the day, and the leggings.   But where did that come from?  The media maybe? 

Our youth are very impressionable.  A lot of them imitate what they see and hear.  They see the popularity and praise their favorite singer, rapper or movie star and they begin to want to look like them.

In concerts and videos, well-known people are going on stage wearing lingerie during their performances.   Knowing the majority of their fan base is 12-25, willing to take the critisism in regards to this.  Becoming someone they never intended to be when they got into this business.  And this truly bothers me when it is beautiful African American women exposing themselves this way know that they are leaving an impression on young girls of today.  It is difficult enough being a teen, but trying to keep up with what everyone else is wearing just adds more pressure.
Remember the life of the “fool” who found himself lying in the arms of a prostitute in Proverbs 7.  Lust can make a man gullible and weak; acting without thinking.

Many  women are at fault by not being careful not to try and compete with the women in magazines and on television, and so on, by dressing too revealing.

Some women (NOT ALL) wear outfits that are purely meant to attract the wrong kind of  attention.  The bible states that “people perish because of the lack of knowledge. Therefore, as a parent,  are you to explain to your daughter(s) how to behave and dress modestly. And to teach your son(s) how to respect women and the difference between having  loving intimacy & LUST!

Whose responsibility is it to tell the youth of today that this is not the way to be.  That when you dress provocative as a young lady you get the wrong kind of attention and even harassment, and that what you see on TV and in magazines is fantasy.

As a woman or a mother , what type of clothing does your child or the youth of today see you in?  Do they see you in revealing clothing, that draws negative attention?

The POINT is this: if anyone has any doubts about who you are and what you stand for,  because of the way you dress or behave, that's  a problem.

Remember you can be looked at as an harlot even if you are not, just by how you look.  Proverbs 7:10 says: And behold, a woman comes to meet him, dressed as a harlot (whore/prostitute) and cunning of heart.


January 21, 2014

Look at the world we live in; God love beauty and creativity.  Modest does not mean boring and unattractive.
Here are some garments that will help polish up and help clothing be creatively modest.

Camisoles & Half Cammies

Sleeveless undergarments, usually worn under a
sheer or low cut blouse.


A sleeveless, tight-fitting, usually knit shirt with wide
shoulder straps and no front opening.


A type of knitted garment that has an open front.


Cropped knit cardigan style sweater


Neck-wrap is a piece of fabric worn around the neck, or near the
head or around the waist for warmth, fashion or
a cover-up

Be sure that God is getting
the glory in all things. 
You may think that lust is a man's problem--and it is.
But some of it stemmed from what he saw.

How would you feel on judgment day seeing your brother, who succumbed to lust being condemned
--and it was your immodesty and lack of discretion that enticed him?

Remember God is watching. 
What you wear does matter.  
And for men, what you look
and lust after is a heart issue. (Matt. 5:28)  Whosoever looks upon a woman to LUST after her, he has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”